Fasting Football Team Enjoys Sweet Taste of Victory In Upset Win

A high school football team enjoyed the sweet taste of victory last weekend, after fasting for the month:

Fordson HS football coach sign

The DETROIT FREE-PRESS reports on how Fordson High School in Dearborn, MI, was able to defeat their crosstown rival Dearborn High 16-14 on Friday. The win was quite remarkable, considering the team has spent most of their days without food or water.

The players and coaches were observing the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, where followers are forbidden from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset - including water.

The Detroit suburb of Dearborn, including Fordson High, contains a large Muslim population. The observance, especially the ban on water, has made practices extra strenuous for the footballers.

Happy Ramadan

Last year, the Fordson Tractors lost all 4 games during Ramadan. But fans were ecstatic for this season’s triumph. A happy fan called out to Fordson coach Fouad Zaban, “There’s a new prophet in Dearborn!

Zaban might not be the next Muhammad, but he’s probably the happiest Michigan coach right now, next to ex-UM QB Jim Harbaugh.