Fassel Blames Bloggers For Ruining Redskins Job

DC SPORTS BOG finds who Jim Fassel really blames for losing out on the Redskins job. Dan Snyder? Jim Zorn? Vinny Cerrato?

Nope - ’twas those evil, evil bloggers.

Jim Fassel yelling

The ex-Giants coach said on John Thompson’s local radio show that his shot at coaching the ‘Skins was scuttled by online opinionators agitated at such a scenario.

When I got the New York Giants job I remember telling my family that, ‘You know, you cannot hold the lead in these jobs in major markets.’ Because you’ve got bloggers, and they’re saying, ‘No, this isn’t the right guy, and that ain’t the right guy,’ and you can’t hold the lead, because you are going to take the hit. I mean, when you’re the lead dog, you’re going to take the hit. And I think the longer it went, the longer it went, the longer it went…

Sounds like somebody’s been listening to Stephen A. Smith.

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