Farmer Hogging Attention By Hosting Pig Wrestling

Have we learned nothing from the monstrous Michael Vick dogfighting saga? Apparently not, as a Maryland farmer is intent on hosting a rough ‘n’ tumble event this weekend featuring his animals.

Pig Wrestling

However, there are a few subtle differences between the two: While Vick’s fights were held in secrecy, Stan Dabkowski is proudly promoting his event. And the farmer won’t be featuring dogfighting - but pig wrestling.

So, should spectators showing up at Spring Meadow Farms in Upperco expect to see little porkers in sparking tights throwing down body slams into the slop?

Not quite. As the CARROLL COUNTY TIMES explains:

According to a posting on Spring Meadow Farms’ Web site, teams of four people will have 90 seconds to capture a pig and put it in a barrel. The team with the fastest time could win a cash prize.

Sounds like fun! But the Baltimore County animal control office isn’t going hog wild over the festivities, saying the pig wrestling event violates county code.

The code “prohibits causing or instigating combat between animals or between animals and humans,” and animal control has threatened to fine Dabkowski $100 each for every pig caught up in the action. But Dabkowski, who plans on having 22 pigs in the event, isn’t going to squeal in protest, saying They’re doing their jobs, and I understand it.”

Just to make sure things are oinky-dokey, animal control officers are planning to attend the event to montior the situation - and maybe win a few bucks showing off their pig-catching skills.

Talk about bringing home the bacon. Hopefully none of the contestants will ham it up.