Fan Rushes Bobby Howry At Wrigley Field After Rockie Home Run

CUBS COMEBACK PRECEDED BY FAN BRINGING SEXY BACK: The Cubs hijacked a game the Rockies deserved to win last night, despite the efforts of Chicago reliever Bobby Howry, who surrendered a 3-run homer as part of a six-run Rockie uprising in the top of the ninth (the Cubs plated two in the bottom to win).

Much more interesting was the reax of an inebriated Northsider ninny after Howry’s gopherball:

Drunk Cubs Fan Rushes Field Bobby Howry Gets Tackled

Howry on the incident: “He said, ‘What are you doing?’ I’m out here trying to give up home runs. What do you think? He wasn’t very big. I’d try and save the (pitching) hands.

After watching Howry last night, we’re still wondering what “pitching hands” and “save” have to do with each other. On the bright side, based on the open-field beatdown by a Wrigley Field security guard on the field crasher, it appears the Bears may have already found a replacement for Tank Johnson.

Speaking of those lovable Cubbies, it’s always a tender moment when North Siders and South Siders get together for a day at the park:

Cubs White Sox fans fight