Fan Hits Halfcourt Shot, Wins $77,777 from Casino

Every weekend the Phoenix Suns bring their soap opera home to US Airways Center, one of the 1.7 million local casinos offers a fan a chance to win money by making a shot from the free-throw line ($777), the NBA three-point stripe ($7,777) or half-court ($77,777).

Almost every time, the selected fan feels the crowd’s taunting and steps to half-court, only to whiff badly, and we shake our fist from the upper deck for not choosing the three-pointer.  Sure, we get passing on the $777; not many people’s lives will be drastically changed by that amount.  However, eight grand is enough, isn’t it?  Don’t get greedy.

Well… guess which shot this guy made last night.

Rhett Brown hits halfcourt shot

Rhett Brown stepped well past the halfcourt stripe, hung the ball between his legs like a crab, and waddled up to the line with a speedy gait.  He then jammed on the brakes, flung the ball underhand with all his might, and pocketed $77,777 with a cord-ripper.

Rhett Brown collects his check

(SbB was there and provides this shot of the check ceremony, which we did not shake our fist at.  You can see the half-court banner on the right.)

The fans giggled and roared as Rhett sprinted in circles all around the gym, hugging the Suns’ Gorilla, the guy with the check, and Leandro Barbosa.  He started to hug the security guard near the charity stripe, but Rhett got one look at that surly face and chose to pat him on the shoulder instead.

The crowd gave him a standing O while he gathered his check and could not stop buzzing about the shot afterward.  Hell, we suspect Suns owner Robert Sarver stayed after the game to practice the shot himself.  Dude’ll do anything to avoid paying the luxury tax.