Famous Mormons In Baseball Website Fun For Whole Extended Family

MY LIGHT IN-FLIGHT SPORTS READING JUST GOT HEAVIER: One of my daily stops, famousmormons.com, has an entire page(!) devoted to baseball players (what, you were expecting the NBA?) replete with the obligatory blurry, incorrectly-sized introductory gif image:

Famous Mormons in baseball

Yeah, Dale Murphy, Cory Snyder, Roy Halladay and Jeff Kent are Latter-day Saints who we all look up to, but personally I gravitate to the likes of Dane Iorg (his nephew, Isaac “Double I” Iorg, is also pursuing a career in professional baseball) plus notable Blue Jay (2B-SS-OF-3B (or wherever the hell we can hide him)) Danny Ainge:

Dane Iorg Danny Ainge Famous Mormons in Baseball

And who knew that Fred Sanford was a Josephite?

Fred Sanford Redd Foxx

The website is a wonderful find for me personally, since now I have more reading material for my weekly WestJet flight to Reno - to go with:

Great Jews In Sports