Family Finally Swipes 98-Year-Old Wooden’s Keys

The amazing John Wooden celebrated the big 9-8 earlier this week, and for that we’re happy. We’re also relieved to know that we won’t have to worry about him plowing into any westside farmer’s markets anytime soon.

John Wooden's Car On Ebay

You see, Coach Wooden’s car is up for sale on Ebay.

Yeah, every family goes through it. When to hide … er … take the keys away from Dad/Grandpa. Or in the case of Wooden, Great Great Great Great(!) Grandad. But the vehicle that is being offered on Ebay is actually a 1989 Taurus, with a mere 38,000 miles on it. So you I think we both know Coach hasn’t driven for some time.

Now let’s just hope Joe Paterno thinks about what Wooden has done next time he applies the brake.

Or was it the gas?