Fallen NYM Fan A Complete Jackass (Unconfirmed)

The tragic death of a 36-year-old man at Shea Stadium last night is no laughing matter. But the way the family and police are presenting conflicting details of his demise made us chuckle.

Shea Stadium Escalator

NEWSDAY reports that police sources are indicating that the man was “surfing down the railing . . . Witnesses said he had jumped on the rubber railing . . . and he was sliding down when he lost his balance.

Meanwhile, the man’s family is presenting a completely opposite account of what happened.

… the escalators at Shea were turned off at the time of the accident. That spokesman said family members told police the escalator then “suddenly jerked” — throwing (Antonio) Nararainsam over the railing to his death, four flights below.

So by turning off the escalators, the gentleman was thrown up into the air and hurtled over the rails to the floor below?

We’re absolutely positive that the family is just reporting what they saw. And not primed for a lawsuit.