FAKExclusive: Rasheed Wallace “Talks” to a Blog

Occasionally, Brooks pulls a few strings for us writers around here. When he does, we get the privilege of “speaking” with a real live athlete. It’s nice because it gets us out of our mother’s basements for a little bit. On the docket for today, Rasheed Wallace:

rasheed wallace open mouth

Last night’s huge come-from-behind victory was keyed by an equally huge third quarter performance by Rasheed Wallace. In that decisive third, Sheed had 10 points and 3 rebounds as the Pistons turned a 10 point deficit in to an 8 point lead. I was lucky enough to imagine talking to him about the game.

Interview after the jump.

SPORTSBYBROOKS: So, Rasheed, you guys really took over the game in the third quarter.

Rasheed Wallace: F’real.

SbB: You in particular were outstanding. 10 points and 3 rebounds, plus your presence in the middle was huge.

RW: Word, son.

SbB: In your opinion, what was the real turning point of the game?

RW: You said it, da third.

SbB: Right, right. What are your thoughts on this young Sixers team? You must be pretty proud that your hometown team has turned things around.

RW: Both teams played hard.

SbB: I suppose that’s true. How do you see the rest of this series playing out?

RW: Ball don’t lie.

SbB: What, exactly, do you mean by that?

RW: Ball don’t lie.

SbB: Oh, okay. Great.

RW: Yeah.

SbB: I’ve just got a few more questions.

RW: Shoot.

SbB: Do you still have that Pistons championship belt?

rasheed wallace championship belt

RW: Yes.

SbB: Do you ever wear it?

RW: Most nights, yeah.

SbB: I figured. Last question: when you were in high school, did people tell you that you looked like Saturday Night Live-era Chris Rock?

rasheed wallace high school

RW: All the time.

SbB: I knew it. Thank you so much for being such an effervescent interview. Good luck in the series.

RW: F’real.