Fake White Sox Fan? Obama Botches Player Name

You really have to give Barack Obama for sticking to his claim of being a diehard White Sox fan. Most guys might back off a little bit after botching the name of the home ballpark where the team called home for 100 years. But Obama was back on the bandwagon on Friday, crowing this to a crowd after Mark Buehrle’s no-hitter:

“Today everybody is a White Sox fan. I was up on the North Side and all these Cubs fans were all like what about Buehrle. And I was like that’s right. That was extraordinary. I spoke to Buehrle on the phone, on the Air Force One, one of the privileges of Presidency. You can call up a guy after he pitches a perfect game. I told him that he had to buy a big steak dinner for that center fielder Weiss because he saved that perfect game.”

Notice anything in that last sentence?

Obama identified White Sox outfielder DeWayne Wise as “Weiss“. (audio link)

So in the last two references to his *favorite* team, Obama has had a little trouble getting his facts straight. Sense a pattern developing here?