Cam’s Brother Facebooks On ‘False Accusations’

Cam Newton’s brother, Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Cecil Newton, Jr., has answered multiple media reports about his brother on Facebook in the past few hours.

Cecil Newton Jr Defends Cam Newton On Facebook

Starting on his own Facebook page, Cecil, Jr., posted the following:

As cam’s older brother , I would like to Thank all of his fans and supporters for your support and love.. With all of the negative publicity and false accusations facing cam , it’s nothing more than a tool for haters to use against cam to keep him from being successful..

However ; in the midst of all of this we are proud and extremely happy to be apart of Auburn Nation.! This is just the long bumpy road that leads to an extremely successful season.. WAR EAGLE!!!!

Newton’s brother posted the same message on the “Vote for Cameron Newton for Heisman” Facebook page and the”Cam Newton for Heisman” page.

Cecil Newton, Jr.’s brother Cam is facing allegations that he and father Cecil, Sr. - in separate phone conversations - referenced soliciting money from schools during the current Auburn quarterback’s recruiting process.

Two sources who recruit for Mississippi State said that Cecil Newton and his son, quarterback Cam Newton, said in separate phone conversations that his college choice would be part of a pay-for-play plan while Newton was being recruited late last year.

Mississippi State compliance officials relayed the alleged conversations to Southeastern Conference compliance officials in January, according to two other sources close to the football program.

Despite ESPN’s report, an SEC spokesman last week referred to information turned over to conference officials by Mississippi State. several months” before July as “rumor and innuendo. (ESPN reported that the information about the Newton calls was provided to the SEC by MSU in January.)

Wednesday Auburn football coach Gene Chizik once again reiterated that Newton is eligible and will play against Georgia on Saturday.

Despite Chizik’s assurance, one wonders if the NCAA is now in a full court press to get to the bottom of the Newton controversy, as if ESPN’s latest report is in fact true, Newton would undoubtedly be guilty of a serious NCAA violation and be ruled ineligible for the balance of the season.