F1 Driver Dreams Of Something A Little Bit Faster

What does Lewis Hamilton want, more than anything thing in the world? (Other than Spanish fans to stop being racist. Good luck with that, Lewis.) Only the coolest, fastest car in the world. And he only needs two more Formula One championships.

McLaren F1 LM

McLaren racing team boss Ron Dennis promised Hamilton last year, before he entered F1, that he would give him the rare McLaren F1 LM if he won three titles. After the 23-year-old clinched his first crown in last week’s Brazilian Grand Prix, the next two seem like a formality. (More car porn, after the jump.)

One might question the wisdom of giving the world’s fastest road-legal car to a man busted for driving 122 mph last year, but if anyone can handle this hot piece of chassis, it’s Hamilton.

“We made a deal, three world championships. It’s a car that I’ve always wanted. I got a car book, a nice book for Christmas years and years ago when I was about 10, and it had the orange McLaren F1 LM on the front of it.

“And that was my dream car then.

“Then I got signed up by McLaren, I went to the factory and saw it and ever since I’ve gazed at it every time I’ve walked past it,” he added.

Only 64 of the F1s were ever produced, retailing for around $970,000 - though one sold at auction last week for $4 million. Even rarer are the LMs that Hamilton has his eye on - only 6 were ever built.

McLaren F1 LM

Top speed of 231 mph. Zero to sixty in 3.2 seconds. Custom-designed 6.1 L V12 engine. God, I’m soaking wet right now.

So is Hamilton:

“I stop by it and I always open it up and just smell it — carbon, fresh, new. It’s number one out of five and the most expensive and beautiful car in the whole world. It’s the one that I want.”

McLaren F1 LM