Expiration Date: McCourt’s Taste Lacks Shelf Life

I don’t normally post items like this, but a very, very reliable source was at the same restaurant as Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt last night. McCourt, who is going through a well-publicized divorce from estranged wife Jamie, was apparently on a date.

Frank McCourt Dodgers Owner hit in head with foul ball FAIL

(McCourt’s Dodgers only MLB team with ball security detail)

My source’s email about the evening was too good not to post, so indulge me.

Last night I saw Frank McCourt with a woman at Pecorino’s in Brentwood.

She was rather unimpressive but it was clear they were on a date and were quite affectionate with each other. She was about 35 and very multicultural. Asian/Latina mix. Looked like she could have been one of Jerry Buss‘ girls - 15 years ago. Seemed to have a lot of miles on her.

Jerry Buss Walk Of Fame

They were cozy. A little touching but not a lot. Felt like not a first date but not a relationship that had been going on too long. They got there at 8 and were there when I left around 9:30. No fanfare, though I was not the one who spotted them.

The guy I was eating with (Hwood-type) mentioned it to me. She was really not impressive. So much so that I presumed it was not a date, but it sure seemed like it, especially at a nice restaurant like that.

Reminds me off the most unintentionally degrading comment I’ve ever heard uttered by a coach of any sport.

We had this guy who tried out for my high school’s baseball team and his attempt to play simple catch was so miserable that the coach of the team asked him, “are you sure you aren’t left-handed?

The coach was serious. Never forget it. Never.