Exclusive Tiger Coverage By Florida Grocery Chain

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports that more coverage of Tiger Woods isn’t always such a bad thing. The folks running the magazine racks at some Publix grocery stores in Florida have placed covers over the most recent issue of Vanity Fair magazine:

Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover Shot Covered By Publix Grocery Chain

That issue features a topless shot of Tiger Woods on the cover.


Lest you think the stores are run by the Tebow family puritanicals, the Sentinel reports that a topless Men’s Fitness cover of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the same racks are uncovered.

From the Sentinel:

Individual Publix stores decide which magazine covers merit being hidden, Publix spokesman Dwaine Stevens said. Store management can decide to cover a magazine based on the nature of the cover or if customers complain.

So will this also be applicable with cheetahs? (Sorry, flashed back to when I opened for Neil Sedaka the LV Hilton in the late ’80s.)