Blog Jam: WNBA Coach Can’t Contain Excitement

• THE SPORTS HERNIA shows how excited assistant coach Steve Shuman is about the upcoming WNBA season, based on his media day photo:

Steve Shuman WNBA assistant coach

• The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that setting new levels of success and beating the Yankees still can’t get Rays fans out to Tropicana Field.

• The ORLANDO SENTINEL tosses news of a Florida State baseball player who gets around - by playing all nine positions in a single game.

• GUTTY LITTLE BRUINS brews up video of Rick Neuheisel extolling the virtues of UCLA football to some new recruits.

• BUGS & CRANKS pitches reasons for & against Alaska being judged the worst state for baseball.

• Mon dieu! YOU BEEN BLINDED remembers Les Expos with this classic commercial.

• RUMORS AND RANTS disagrees with Pat Forde’s opinion that USC basketball should get the death penalty over the O.J. Mayo accusations.

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