Sorting Through The Baseball Playoff Situation

And so ends another baseball regular season (almost). A season that went down to the wire with a whole mess of games just finishing up that had playoff implications. In fact, let’s break down exactly what happened, and what will happen next.

Jim Mora Playoffs

(The playoff situation is still a bit unclear for Jim Mora)

In the National League, the last remaining spot was claimed by the Brewers in another amazing performance by C.C. Sabathia - can you just hand him the NL Cy Young yet? - pitching a 4-hit complete game, his rubber arm going 122 pitches. It’ll be the first appearance for the Brew Crew since 1982.

The Mets, meanwhile, continued their collapse by losing a home game to the Marlins 4-2, guaranteeing that, for the first time in God-knows-how-long, there will be no Fall baseball in the Big Apple. With everything now set, the Dodgers will travel to Chicago to take on the Cubs and the Brewers will head to Philadelphia to take on the Phillies. Both series start Wednesday.

The more complicated American League version of things after the jump:

Behind the steady arm of Mark Buehrle, pitching on 3 days rest, the White Sox defeated the Indians 5-1. This, coupled with the Twins win over the Royals, means the White Sox are still .5 games back from the division title. But it’s not over yet, folks.

The Sox will now be forced to make up a game against the Tigers tomorrow in Chicago. If they win that one, then the Sox and Twins will be tied and will have to take part in an awesome a one-game playoff on Tuesday, also in Chicago. Complicated enough for you?

Whoever gets the final spot will then have to travel to Tampa Bay on Thursday for the start of the ALDS, where their eardrums will be blown out by those awful cowbells. Meanwhile, the other ALDS in already set, with the Red Sox heading to Anaheim to take on the Rally Monkeys starting on Wednesday.

Strap it in tight, folks. Playoff-style baseball begins tomorrow.