Examiner Believes Mistress “Likely” Killed McNair

• A Tennessee state medical examiner says it’s “likely” that Sahel Kazemi was the one who shot & killed Steve McNair. But the case continues.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

• Phillies flatten Reds with a 22-1 drubbing - the worst in Cincy’s history.

• When it comes to major leaguers on rehab assignments treating their temporary minor league brethren to a fine meal, Manny’s a miser.

• The Tampa Bay Rays are suing a man for selling shirts with a supposed similar starburst logo.

• Prime suspect Mark Becker has plead not guilty in the shooting death of popular Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas.

• What better way to celebrate Ladies’ Night at the ol’ ballpark than by giving away a free liposuction?

• You knew it would happen sooner or later - a Terrell Owens reality show. I’ll only tune in if Joanna Krupa & her equally sexy sister Marta show up.

• A 24-year-old French tennis player who had been banned for betting on matches was found dead outside his apartment.

• The Cubs’ ownership situation is becoming as farcical as their 100-years-and-counting World Series drought.

Donte’ Stallworth admits he downed four shots of tequila hours before his DUI accident tthat killed a pedestrian.