Ex-Women’s B-Ball Star Ensnared In Sex Scandal

• Another day, another high school coach caught in a student sex scandal.

Raenna Jewell

• North Carolina plants their Tar Heels firmly into Sparty’s backside.

• Phillies fans fight 15 feet away while World Series banner is being raised.

• The way the Detroit Lions have been lately, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them not make the first NFL Draft pick.

• You probably could have gotten a really good seat to the women’s NCAA basketball championship if you were so inclined.

• Hungry at the ol’ ballpark? How about chowing down on a Schmitter? Or a Primanti Bros. sandwich? Or maybe some Rocky Mountain Oysters?

• Texas football assistants get bonuses for not winning the Big 12 title.

• Dallas Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett: When he’s not rapping about Tony Romo being a homo, he’s blogging about women farting.

• Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels is teaming up with Dennis Rodman, Vince Neil, Mickey Rourke & The Iron Sheik.

• If you ever thought the Mets were a bunch of clowns, here’s your proof.