Ex-UCLA Star Jordan Farmar Is Afraid Of Women?

• Lakers benchwarmer Jordan Farmar is fearful of over-infatuated females.

Jordan Farmar Laker Girls

If he’s afraid of girls, why is he blogging for PLAYBOY?

• USC says Rey Maualuga is so sorry for shaking it behind Erin Andrews.

• The Celtics continue to crash & burn, while Ball State gets flattened by a Golden Hurricane. (Its much more powerful than a golden shower.)

• The Colorado Buffaloes better bet set to share the blame of their wayward teammates.

• Warm up those VCRs! ’80s TV show “Superstars” is returning to the tube!

• A post-Christmas Scrooge at the Winter Classic steals a kid’s hockey stick after posing as a pseudo security guard.

• President-elect Barack Obama can wait - the Gators are on!

• Browns bring in Mangini, while Eric’s old employers cost Jeff Jagodzinski his Boston College job.

• And the winner of today’s Huet hockey heiny caption contest is…

Cristobal Huet Blackhawks Coyotes

El Stinko, with this cold-blooded idea: The NHL proudly presents “Deliverance On Ice!”

Thanks for playing. We’re back(side) with a new contest tomorrow.