Ex-NFLer’s Pregnant GF Killed In Jealous Rage

Former Chicago Bears cornerback Shaun Gayle and his girlfriend, Rhoni Reuter, were just two months from welcoming their first child when an unknown assailant broke in and killed Reuter in October 2007 in the Deerfield, Illinois condo that she and Gayle shared.

Shaun Gayle and Marni Yang

Well, the alleged murderer, who was originally thought to be a male teenager,  has been arrested — and it’s a 41-year-old woman. Marni Yang was a business associate and friend of Gayle’s who apparently was jealous of his relationship with Reuter, so she donned a disguise and shot her seven times. Look, I know Gayle was the guy throwing down all the sweet bass lines in the “Super Bowl Shuffle” video, but there were probably more effective ways of dealing with the jealousy here.

Gayle has described his former friend Yang as a “heartless psychopath.” Nah, you mean this lady is totally bonkers?:

Marni Yang

Yang clearly thinks she’s much hotter than she really is, which is probably why she was jealous that the ex-NFL stud she liked was with her instead:

Rhoni Reuter

Reuter was 42 years old, and while she and Gayle were not married they had been dating off and on for 20 years. Gayle was living with Reuter in her condo when she was killed.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE has the story of how the police went from looking for a teenage male to targeting Yang (and evil kudos, I suppose, to Yang for a disguise that kept authorities off her case for more than 16 months):

Yang of the 5000 block of North St. Louis Avenue worked in real estate and the mortgage business and is a divorced mother of three teenagers. Sources said she made incriminating statements to several people, including a former boyfriend, and that electronic evidence links her to the crime.

Neighbor Kevin Hargrove said Yang approached him in a grocery store a month ago, telling him police were investigating her and that she was innocent.

Gayle released a statement about the arrest, and it’s clear he’s still devastated over the whole thing:

Rhoni was a beautiful young woman with so much optimism and promise. She was loved by so many and extremely excited to be a mother for the first time. Her kindness and caring would have made her a great mother to Skylar. We both were so looking forward to meeting our daughter, Skylar, who was due on December 18, 2007. I cannot express how painful it has been to lose both of them. 

He believes that Yang used personal information from their business dealings to aid in her pursuit of Reuter.

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES has further details of how Yang carried out the killing:

Pavletic said Yang submerged the gun in cement and then disposed of it in a Dumpster. He said there is evidence that Yang purchased cement at a Home Depot store.

He said evidence shows Yang had been at a shooting range in the months leading up to the crime and that she had rented a car and replaced the license plates with stolen plates the day before the crime.

Pavletic said the mileage on the car Yang allegedly rented was about 40 miles, the number that would be needed to get Yang from her friend’s house to Reuter’s condo and back to Enterprise where it was rented.

Police have evidence that Yang purchased a swim cap, hair net and alarm clock at Walgreens before the crime.

I’m sure the fine folks at Enterprise are thrilled to be connected to this. In addition to all of this, Yang reportedly harassed Gayle’s female friends over email. She also allegedly buried a bracelet Reuter was wearing, along with other evidence, in a forest preserve in Chicago.

Gayle says he was never aware that Yang had any romantic interest in him.