Ex-NFLer On Boyfriend Accuser: “I Still Love Him”

MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE columnist C.J. has a followup on the domestic assault allegation last weekend against former Minnesota Viking lineman Esera Tuaolo.

Esera Tuaolo Accused Of Assaulting Boyfriend

Sunday Tuaolo was charged in Ramsey County with domestic assault, assault and disorderly conduct. According to court records in the case, a judge gave Tuaolo a domestic abuse-related no-contact order with the victim. Tuaolo was released on $2,000 bail Monday. A hearing is scheduled for August.

Tuaolo, who has acknowledged being gay, confirmed to C.J. that the alleged assault victim was his current boyfriend.

Tuaolo to C.J.:

“I still love him, he still loves me. I’ve apologized. It’s just one of those things that got blown out of proportion. And now that the state has control of it, I guess they are going to run with it.”

Tuaolo, who is raising 10-year twins with his ex-partner Mitchell Wherley, said in a statement that Wherley was not involved in the assault.

Tuaolo to C.J.:

“Don’t put his name in there, he’s not out. I’m very embarrassed this happened. It saddens me to jump online and see how people are talking about my kids. My head is just spinning.”

Don’t put his name in there? Tuaolo should have thought about that before the (alleged) assault.