Ex-NBAer’s Wife Can’t Meet Sexual, Tissue Needs

Episode 2 of VH1’s Basketball Wives aired last night. I’m not going to smash the cast because if you choose to watch the show, you know what you’re getting yourself into. (The BYU Honor Code of VH1 sports-based reality shows.)

Eric Williams picks his nose on VH1's Basketball Wives

While The Wives have little to offer in entertainment value, former NBA journeyman Eric Williams, in a brief cameo, delivered a command performance during a dinner date with his wife and cast member Jennifer.

You’ll be shocked to find out that their dinner conversation at one point turned to infidelity, which Eric Williams justified in emotional, eloquent soliloquy.

“One thing I know for sure is basketball is an emotional sport. Okay? And when things get crazy on the floor, we need that extra (pause … ) when we come home. But sometimes you’re on the road. Sometimes you make mistakes. I’m not perfect. I’ll mention my faults.

“I did some things I’m not proud of, but at the time, I didn’t think it was a bad thing. One can say I was being selfish but I really wasn’t. I was just trying to satisfy me at the time.”

Said it before and I’ll say it again. Had Tiger Woods called Eric Williams at the outset of his ordeal, all of his problems would be ancient history.