Ex-NBA Player Busted: Weed ‘Between Buttocks’

Nate Carlisle of the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE reports today that if you’re a former NBA player and transporting several bags of weed in one of your unfortunate orifices while in a moving vehicle, you might want to consider wearing your selt belt.

Former NBA Player Robert Whaley Busted For Weed

(As cops found out and Whitney always sez, crack is wack)

Salt Lake County “gang detectives” pulled over a car yesterday because passenger Robert Whaley, a former NBA player with the Utah Jazz, wasn’t belted.

Then the fun began.


Whaley, 27, had warrants for his arrest for absconding from a probation in Michigan. Whaley identified himself as Kareem Johnson, the document says. But police discovered his real name and that he had the arrest warrant.

“Robert was also found to be in possession of several baggies of marijuana that he was holding between his buttocks,” a police officer wrote.

Whaley remained in the Salt Lake County jail on Friday morning. The jail’s Web site says he is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

A state of Michigan Web site lists Whaley has having a 2008 conviction for maintaining a drug house. It says he has absconded from parole in that state.

Good thing police got to the bottom of that. The Clippers were all set to draft Kareem Johnson next season.