Ex-NBA Player Blamed For Bloody “Street Brawl”

Jorge Sierra at HOOPS HYPE tips me off to a crazy brawl this week in the Croatian Pro Basketball league.

Rawle Marshall in bloody fight in Croation Pro Basketball league

Former NBA player Rawle Marshall (Mavs, Pacers) attacked a player named Sinisa Stemberger during a game last night, opening up a huge wound on his forehead. Based on the report, Marshall may be facing a months-long suspension, or permanent explusion from the league.

Rawle Marshall in bloody fight in Croation Pro Basketball league

Video and more details after the jump.

Video link to fight.

The original report comes from something called BLIC:

A street-style brawl between Rawle Marshall and Sinisa Stemberger marked and marred the all-Croatian NLB League clash between basketball clubs KK Split and Cibona.

In the 25th minute of the match, while Cibona was on a double-figure lead, the two forwards first exchanged insults, after which Marshall hit out at Stemberger, pulled him to the ground and started punching the Split player, while leaning over him. What followed was a chaos on the court, as both sets of players and staff tried to calm the two players and the atmosphere.

Once the dust settled, it was obvious Stemberger was bleeding from the forehead and consequently needed four stitches to treat the wound inflicted by Rawle Marshall.

The Split coach said of the fight and Marshal, “Having seen the footage, I can say that it was a classic example of a savage assault which calls for a fierce punishment. Such players should be banned from basketball. This is horrible.”

Marshal’s own coach, Velimir Perasovic, said, “I can’t tolerate this kind of behaviour.

I think we’re all probably thinking about Brandon Jennings when we see this. Of course, he’s over in Italy, but you wonder if an attack like this might cause problems for Jennings if the news spreads throughout Europe. Probably not yet, but if there are more attacks by Americans on European players, things could get ugly. The more players that go over there, the situations like this we might start to see. Especially very young, immature players.

The only thing more embarrassing than the cheap shots administered by Marshal? The Croatian League referees being forced to wear a gigantic “KIA” logo on the front of their shirts.