Ex-NBA’er In Center of Rob Lowe Nanny Lawsuit?

Rob Lowe’s wife is being sued by a former nanny for sexual harassment. Interestingly, this is the second nanny to claim a lawsuit against Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff. More interestingly, Laura Boyce, the plaintiff in the second nanny lawsuit, is herself facing an earlier lawsuit by Rob & Sheryl.

Rob Lowe wife Sheryl Berkoff

(Rob & Sheryl suggest where the nannies can stick their lawsuits)

Confused yet? More importantly, what does this mess have to do with sports? Well, in Boyce’s latest lawsuit, she claims Berkoff made sexual remarks about her boyfriend - who’s reportedly a former NBA player.

As always, TMZ has the dirty details of Boyce’s claims. Sheryl supposedly asked Laura about the size of her boyfriend’s penis, and at one point Sheryl used her forearm to gesture the size of said schlong. She also supposedly quizzed Laura about how she could have sex with her 7-ft man. (We assume they mean height, not length. But with Sheryl, we might not be sure.)

Larry Stein, lawyer for the Lowes, says the allegations are false. He adds that the new lawsuit is an attempt by Gloria Allred, the attorney representing both ex-Lowe nannies, to “divert the negative publicity” generated by first client & first nanny Jessica Gibson.

If only there was videotaped evidence of such brash behavior by Berkoff. Rob has had experience with home movies before.

In the meantime, any ideas which ex-NBAer Boyce has been bonking?

Karl Malone? Nah, she’s too old for him.

Dwyane Wade? He’s occupied with Star Jones. Plus, he’s still an active player - we think.

Carmelo Anthony? He’d have to be really, really drunk. And he’s also still playing - but not any more this season.

What do you at home think? And if you were the ex-NBA player in question and heard Sheryl’s comments about your genitalia, would you be offended or flattered?