Ex-MSU Football Star Gets Very Early Jail Release

You don’t need me to tell you that practically every state is dealing with massive problems in their jail systems, including severe overcrowding. Because of this issue, prisons are releasing criminals after they have served only a fraction of their time. (And I’m not just talking about Charles Barkley.)

Former Mississippi State RB Dontay Walker

(That’s snow flying around Dontay Walker, not loose cocaine.)

Mississippi is no exception, but this story from the STARKVILLE DAILY NEWS is still pretty appalling. It seems that Dontay Walker, a former starting running back for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, is being let out of jail after serving just four years out of a 25-year sentence given in 2003 for possession of more than an ounce each of marijuana and crack cocaine. A lot more than one ounce.

Walker will be released into house arrest on Tuesday, and there’s nothing that the prosecutors who tried his case can do about it. One of them, Assistant District Attorney Frank Clark, doesn’t understand why Walker is being set free when it was clear that the drugs he had were for sale (or that Walker had the biggest drug problem ever).

“I understand budget problems and I understand a limitation of space. If we have to be paroling people, can’t we at least be paroling people who stood up in court and admitted their crime? This guy fought it and tried to get out of it every way he could,” said Clark.

“He had 97 individual rocks of crack cocaine and a whole lot of individual bags of marijuana. You tell me what he what he was going to do with it. And now we’re letting this guy back out on our streets after little more than four years of a 25-year sentence. We wonder why nobody has faith in the justice system any more,” Clark said.

But at least he’s going to be under house arrest, right? That’s just as bad as being in prison - except for the fact that you can watch TV when you want, eat what you want, and go to sleep in a nice, comfortable bed. But there’s no possible way that he could go back to his old, drug dealing ways. After all, that would require someone to come to his house and buy drugs, and that’s just crazy.