Ex-MLBer, Tigers Announcer Had .48 BAC, 7 DUIs

Sad story out of Detroit today, as the DETROIT NEWS reports that former major league pitcher and Detroit Tigers announcer Lary Sorensen just registered his seventh DUI. He was discovered on Saturday nearly dead in his car by police officers on the side of a Detroit highway.

Larry Sorenson

Sorensen had a blood alchohol level of .48, which according to medical scientists, half the population could not survice.

We’ve covered his story in the past, and Sorensen has told the media before that he was trying to stay sober. Obviously that didn’t happen. It’s a miracle he isn’t dead by now. Or hasn’t killed anyone. It’s no laughing matter. All there is now for him is to go inside for a good, long time. The News reports that thanks to his relapse, he could be facing five years.