Ex-Major Leaguer Bell Rung Up On Drug Charges

During his Major League career in the ’90s, Derek Bell spent time on the rosters of the Blue Jays, Padres, Astros, Mets and Pirates. Now he can add one more roster spot on his resume: the prison duty roster.

Derek Bell

(The orange-colored jail jumpsuit reminds Derek of his days in Houston)

The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that the 39-year-old Bell has been arrested on drug charges. Bell was booked into a Hillsborough County jail Tuesday morning, where¬† he’s facing three misdemeanor counts of possessing drug paraphernalia.

But that’s not all!

Derek also faces an additional charge of failing to appear in court over a previous drug charge he picked up over the summer. And last year, Bell pleaded no contest when he was brought in on similar drug charges.

Didn’t he ever remember to “Just Say No”? And won’t these new legal issues affect Derek’s job? Well, the Times tells us Bell is “listed as unemployed in jail records.”

I guess he retired early, since he supposedly earned over $26 million during his 11-year ball-playing career.

Is it too late for Derek to make a guest appearance in the Mitchell Report?