Ex-Gator Deleted Twitter Because He’s Innocent

Last week the publisher of one of the best-known college football websites in the business, Spencer Hall of EveryDayShouldBeSaturday.com, posted a piece on his site about the Twitter account of former Florida Gator football player Will Hill.

Will Hill claims Twitter was hacked

(Hill’s Twitter pic also part of sneak attac? By hacker, that is.)

The Tweet feed featured on Hill’s personal account featured entries that included innumerable expletives and other language inappropriate for any manner of public setting.

Monday Hill appeared on Gainesville sports radio station 105 The Game to attempt to explain why the Tweets appeared on his account.

“I haven’t been on my Twitter (account) for the past five-to-six months. People were calling and texting me saying, ‘did you see the stuff that was up there?’

“I called my people immediately to see what’s going on with this stuff and I deleted it, I deleted everything off of it.

“But this blogger, whoever this guy is, copy and pasted some things that I never even wrote. Me, I’m thinking that somehow my thing (Twitter account) has been hacked. I’m thinking to myself this blogger, he’s a nobody. Nobody knows who this guy is. He’s trying to make a name for himself.

“I’m still a Gator even though I’m not playing there anymore. For the Gator nation to read these things and think of me as a bad person, that hurts. So I wanted to clear the air with people.”

Ironic that Hill seems consumed with emphasizing the so-called anonymonity of the blogger who reported the Tweets rather than the anonymous assailant who posted the messages on his account.

Because, after all, Hill’s account was hacked.

Speaking of hackers, Judge Smails would like you to know “it slipped!

Or was that Tiger?

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