Ex-Eagle Makes A Run For The Border - On Patrol

• Former Philly Eagle Jamaal Green goes from prowling along the sidelines to prowling along the Mexican border.

Jamaal Green Border Patrol

• The case of Barry Bonds’ illegal use of The Clear gets a little murky.

Tommy Morrison is taking his HIV-hampered talents to MMA on PPV.

• Having problems in your apartment? Just talk to Mo Vaughn.

• 25 years ago, the Eagles could have flown the coop from Philly to Phoenix.

Mark Cuban involved in a Nugget of nastiness with Denver’s J.R. Smith.

• You know it’s not your night when your basketball team loses 94-1.

• AOL Sports will now be known by its blog name ‘Fanhouse‘.

• And the winner of today’s Pau Gasol-Tim Duncan caption contest is…

Pau Gasol Tim Duncan

McNabbsSuperBowlTie, who must’ve taken Planes, Trains & Automobiles to deliver this quip: Pau: Where are your hands? Tim: Between two pillows.   Pau: Those aren’t pillows!

Be sure to keep an eye out for another contest coming your way tomorrow.