Ex-Cons And Raiders Fans In The 49ers’ Future?

I know, I know - aren’t ex-cons and Raiders fans essentially the same thing? Well, for the most part, yes, but it’s not that simple. You see, on Monday night the San Francisco 49ers had their State of the Franchise event in which they dropped a few bombshells on the Niners faithful.

Michael Vick Raiders fan

The Niners haven’t had very much success on the football field in recent years thanks to the fact that Joe Montana and Steve Young no longer play quarterback. When you don’t have a good quarterback your football team tends to suck, and when your team tends to suck, fans start to become disinterested which makes it hard to finance a brand new stadium for yourself. So San Francisco has come up with a couple of idea that are sure to leave whatever fans they have left jumping for joy. And by jumping for joy, I mean laying on the ground in a fetal position crying.

First, when head coach Mike Singletary was asked on Monday night about the possibility of the team bringing in Michael Vick - who will soon be released from prison, and the Atlanta Falcons have recently said they are open to trading - he didn’t shoot down the idea.


“I’m not going to say I’m open or closed,” Singletary said of the possibility of the 49ers acquiring Vick. “I’d say it has to be something Scot (McCloughan) and I talk about and feel good about one way or the other. But we have not talked about it at this point in great detail. We’re trying to focus on what we have.

“I think right now we really need to look at the two guys we have,” Singletary added. “If everything works out with Alex (Smith) and he’s back, we need to look at that and go as far as we can go with that. The whole Michael Vick thing, we have to sit down and talk about that. But for right now, we have enough on our plates.”

Now when you consider some of the play that Niners fans have had to watch with the team’s quarterbacks over the last few years, the idea of having Vick in town battling for a spot probably isn’t that stomach churning. After all, the worst case scenario is he sucks and the team cuts him. Best case, he returns to pre-prison form and makes San Francisco relevant in the NFC West.

An idea that’s not so easy for Niners fans to stomach? How about the possibility of having to share a stadium with the Oakland Raiders? From the SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER:

A Santa Clara home for the San Francisco 49ers remains a top priority, but team officials said economic realities have forced them to look more closely at sharing the South Bay stadium with the rival Oakland Raiders.

“I don’t think it’s a definite, but it’s something the NFL wants us to consider and we’ll definitely consider,” 49ers owner Jed York said at a Monday night meeting with season-ticket holders. The fans responded with a chorus of boos.

“Don’t do it!” someone shouted.

This isn’t the first time the Niners have talked about the possibility of sharing a stadium, though it is the first time they mentioned the Raiders as their likely “roommate.”

Truly, Monday was not a banner day to be a 49ers fan. Though, on the bright side, at least Mike Singletary managed to keep his pants on throughout the entire event, so that’s a step in the right direction.