Ex-Purdue Coach Tiller Now Tooling Around In RV

It’s another Saturday, meaning another full plate of college football action - also meaning tens of thousands of fans are setting up shop outside stadiums to tailgate their tails off.

Joe Tiller motor home

(”It’s coming right at me! Noooooooooo!”)

One of the newest members of the tailgating scene is Joe Tiller, the former Purdue & Wyoming coach. Tiller left West Lafayette at the end of last season, and is enjoying his retirement inĀ  the small Wyoming town of Buffalo. Although he’s no longer in the coaching profession, Joe still has an itching to partake in the pigskin festivities. Fortunately for him, he saved up & got himself an RV, so he can travel the country campus to campus and continue to soak the collegiate atmosphere all in.

ILLINI HQ has the lowdown from a chat Tiller recently did with the Big Ten Network. First, Joe describes his typical day now that he no longer has to bother himself with getting the Boilermakers ready to play:

Well, I’m going to wake up (Friday) morning - hopefully. I’ll go outside and turn on the water. I’ve got about 21,000 square feet of sod, and I’ve planted about 50 bushes. Every morning there’s deer all over the place, so I have to get them out of there and start watering. Then I’ll work on the storage shed I’m building. Then I might take the motor home into Radio Shack to see if I can get DISH Network on top of it so I can get the Big Ten Network while we’re traveling.

Nice little plug for the network there. So last weekend, Joe & the missus drove their motor home down from Buffalo to Laramie to see Wyoming host the Longhorns. And how did it go?

We hosted our inaugural tailgate last Saturday at the Texas game. We had about 60 people stop by. I discovered that they drink a lot. They don’t eat much, just drink a lot. Mack Brown stopped by afterward and I told him, ‘While you were walking back to the locker room before the game, your stomach churning and you were pacing back and forth, I had a Bud Light in my hand.’ He laughed and gave me a high-five.

I suppose the lesson to learn is always bring plenty of booze & playfully taunt the coaches working that day’s game.

Next week, Tiller plans to take the ol’ motor home back to West Lafayette to watch Purdue host Notre Dame & Northwestern on consecutive weekends. And Joe better clear out some space for Charlie Weis - if the Fighting Irish lose to Michigan State this weekend & to the Boilermakers next week, he’s going to need a place to stay after he gets canned, or at least a place to hide from the angry Irish faithful.