Ex-Coach Kidnaps, Shoots Women’s Hoops Player

Even though they aren’t related, North Carolina Wesleyan women’s basketball player Jessica Perry apparently always considered her former middle school basketball coach Dawn Perry as more of a coach or a role model - she considered her “like a godmother to her.” Which I guess is accurate - if your godparent frequently kidnaps you at gunpoint. (Mine usually just took me out of ice cream on occasion.)

Jessica Perry and Dawn Perry

(Dawn Perry, right, and Jessica Perry, left, in happier times)

The NEWS & OBSERVER reports that Dawn Perry, a teacher at Longview School in North Carolina, has been charged after allegedly kidnapping Jessica Perry at gunpoint two weeks ago at the college where she is a freshman guard. And then accidentally shooting her. The whole thing puts a new spin on the phrase “bizarre incident,” or at least “scene from a minor Coen Brothers movie.”

Dawn Perry allegedly drove to Jessica Perry’s college to see her, leading to a fight in the parking lot. At which time authorities say Dawn Perry pressed a gun into Jessica Perry’s side and forced her to get in the car and drive. (Which pretty much wins any argument.)

Jessica Perry tried to get herself pulled over by speeding and driving erratically (which is a good idea - if I was kidnapped at gunpoint, my escape strategy would be “wet myself”.) But unfortunately for her, between the car’s herky-jerky motions and trying to get Jessica Perry to drive slower, Dawn Perry allegedly dropped the gun, which went off and shot Jessica Perry in the leg.

Jessica Perry has been released from the hospital, although it’s unclear what her injuries are or when she’ll play again. As for Dawn Perry, this apparently isn’t the first time she’s been involved in a violent incident: THE FRANKLIN TIMES (registration required) reports that Dawn Perry was suspended in 2004 after a fight between her and a 16-year-old student.

In case you are wondering, she has been suspended following her arrest. With pay. What do you have to do to get suspended without pay? (Politically incorrect answer: shoot a men’s basketball player.)

The motive? Police don’t have one yet, but expect “those details could come out in court.” I would sure hope so!