Ex-Bucs Cheerleader Doesn’t Know When To Quit

• A former Bucs cheerleader & “Bachelor” babe throws a Texas-sized tantrum when the drinks stop flowing.

Mary Delgado Bachelor photo mugshot

The result? Gimme a “J”! Gimme an “A”! Gimmie an “I”! Gimme an “L”!

• A 47-yarder kicked “wide right” buries the Buffalo Bills once again. It’s enough to drive you to drink.

• An Italian soccer team is caught with their pants down - and the ass-inine play helps them secure a victory.

• Meanwhile, a women’s gymnastics coach gets caught with a candid camera in the locker room. Alicia Sacramone may get her wish to be a TV star yet.

• British shoe consumers say Nike’s new footwear really stinks - literally.

Erin Andrews says she’s not bolting Bristol for Hollywood anytime soon.

• Seems that the “confused” USC Song Girl at the 2006 Rose Bowl was cheering correctly, after all.

• Cavs fans lash out at LeBron for costing them free chalupas.

And the winner of today’s military mammary caption contest is…

Nikolai Valuev Russian army girls

Nelson, with this economical observation: Nikolai Valuev points all of Evander Holyfield’s ex-honeys in the direction of their past and future paychecks: “Evander went that-a-way!”

As another Nelson would say, “Ha, ha!

Thanks to everyone who took a swing at today’s caption contest. We’ll be punching up a new one tomorrow.  It’ll be a knockout!