Ex-Broncos RB Henry Arrested In Cocaine Bust

With October upon us, you would expect the Denver area to be covered in snow. Well, Travis Henry wasn’t going to wait, and decided to go out & get his own white powder.

Travis Henry Broncos

CBS 4 in Denver reports that the ex-Denver Broncos running back has been arrested for his involvement in a cocaine deal.

DEA agents caught Henry involved in a “multi-kilogram cocaine transaction“. He & an accomplice are being held “pending the filing of federal drug charges in federal court later Wednesday.”

Henry had spent only one year with the Broncos before being released last June. Mike Shanahan said at the time that the move was not as much about Travis’s on-field play as it was his off-field behavior:

He’s just too inconsistent as a person. When you’re too inconsistent as a person, you usually aren’t going to win championships,”

The Cincinnati Bengals might be interested in Travis, had they not filled their law-breaking RB quota by signing Cedric Benson yesterday. Besides, they already have a troublesome Henry on their roster.

With no job & the prospect of hard time in the hoosegow, how’s Henry gonna support all his kids?