Ex-Aztec Coach Accused Of Pre-Game Drinking

San Diego State strength coach David Ohton has filed a whistle-blower protection suit against the university, stemming from his involvement in a Cal State audit of SDSU athletics in 2002. Lawyers representing Ohton and the school met in court to determine if the case should go to trial, be thrown out, or handled by the CSU system.

Former SDSU Coach Tom Craft Accused Of Drinking Before Game

The main points of contention are based around Ohton’s claims that former head football coach Tom Craft was drinking excessively in 2002, and even before a game. Attorneys for the university say Ohton has maliciously exaggerated the claims about Craft. David Ohton’s lawyers disagree.

Ohton’s attorneys said Ohton’s allegations were corroborated in a declaration by booster Don Sutton, who was interviewed by SDSU Vice President Sally Roush. Ohton’s attorneys say Roush covered up the corroboration to protect SDSU’s investment in Craft.

Cal State attorney Christopher Cato says Ohton’s story is full of holes.

Cato said Ohton originally stated the allegations stemmed from a “few boosters” who witnessed Craft. “There was only one booster he spoke to and not the few who he had talked about seeing Coach Craft being helped back to the hotel,” Cato said. Cato also said Sutton “was not at the Idaho game, but he believed he saw Craft drunk in the lobby before the New Mexico game.”

Get it straight Ohton. Craft was drunk before the New Mexico game, not the Idaho game. Jeez, what a liar.