Everything’s Turning Up Rosy For Brooks & USC

That was some exciting Rose Bowl, wasn’t it? For USC fans, yes. For the casual football fan, not really. Even though it was the only bowl game on TV in it’s time slot, it was hard to keep interested when the Trojans were up 31-7 at halftime. But least Brooks can say he had a great time at the Grandaddy of ‘em All. Not necessarily because of what he saw on the field, but what he was able to see next to him in the seats.

Brooks and SbB Girl Wendy at the 2009 Rose Bowl

SbB Girl Wendy accompanied our fearless leader to yet another Big Ten drubbing at the hands of Pete Carroll’s crew. Sure, USC won the game 38-24, but I think we all know who the really winner is here.

Brooks was able to procure his primo seats through the good folks at My Boy Barry. (Unforunately, hot SbB Girl companion may not be available in your area.)

Sbb Girl Wendy Rose Bowl ticket

Some of the Men of Troy must have knew Wendy was in attendance, which would explain why they pulled off such an impressive domination of Joe Paterno’s boys.

We figure SbB Girl Anyssa had the same effect on the UCLA Bruins in their 2006 upset of the Trojans:

SbB Girl Anyssa Rose Bowl

And SbB Girl Alex must have done it again for the Bru Crew in their Labor Day comeback against Tennessee:

SbB Girl Alex 50-yard Line UCLA Tennessee Game

(Another 50-yard-line seat provide by My Boy Barry!)

So, for all you struggling pigskin programs trying to turn your fortunes around, try to get some sensational SbB girls in your seats.

You’ll be glad you did - as will the immediate male population in & around your stadiums.