Everyone Say Howdy To Sam Hornish, Jr.’s Wife

What is it with race car drivers and ridiculously good looking wives? Is turning a car to the right wholly unattractive? Sam Hornish Jr. doesn’t know, and probably doesn’t care.

Sam Hornish and his wife Crystal

Do they assign these women to the drivers before qualifying or something? Seriously. It’s becoming an epidemic. The Indy 500 winner, three-time IRL champion, and current NASCAR Sprint Cup competitor has a wife named Crystal Hornish, who’s quite the looker, and we thank RIGHTFIELDERS for bringing this to our attention.

But either way, it’s a nice story. The two met in high school, given that they both grew up in tiny Archbold, Ohio, about an hour west of Toledo, and have a one month old daughter, Addison Faith Hornish.

Also, for some reason, every time I look at the phrase “Crystal Hornish” I can’t help but think of Crystal Pepsi. That’s probably a personal problem, mind you, and has nothing to do with the transparency of this particular blog post. Or maybe I’m just thirsty.

Sam Hornish and his wife Crystal
(Yep. Not fair.)