No Pacman, Titans Still Have Jonesin’ for Trouble

The professional football world was curious to see whether or not the Tennessee Titans could replace the attributes that Pacman Jones brought to their football team before leaving for the Cowboys.

Brandon Jones gun

After wide receiver Brandon Jones was stopped for having a gun in an airport, we now know. Yes. Yes, they can.

HASHMARKS tells us that the un-nicknamed Jones took a gun into an airport–are you freaking kidding me? Aren’t you smarter than that, Brandon?

“Today I was cited for carrying a handgun when going through security at Nashville International Airport…This morning I grabbed a bag and placed my clothing in the bag, then rushed to the airport. I had forgotten that the last time I had used the bag was when I went target shooting. I fully cooperated with authorities who confiscated the handgun at the security gate…I was allowed to board my airplane and continue my travels.

“I want to apologize for any embarrassment this might cause my family, the Titans organization or my teammates.”

Most of us are suckers for brisk acts of contrition, and Jones couldn’t have executed this one any better if he been submerged in water by a priest. And that’s disappointing.

Brandon, if you want to take your game to the next level, you have to start punching cops and damaging property before you just start “fully cooperating.” And start carrying a garbage bag filled with about ten grand in one-dollar bills.

Oh, and remember to keep all your gels and liquids in a quart-sized plastic bag. They’ll nail you for that one every time.