Even Michael Phelps Look-A-Likes Get Some Love

• It appears that Chinese fans will go ga-ga over anything Michael Phelps - even BBC reporters who look like the gold-winning swimmer.

Steve Parry Phelps look-a-like Sharron Davies

But when it comes to employees of the Beeb, we prefer to go ga-ga over swimming analyst Sharron Davies.

• Teasing the Aussies about coming home with less Olympic medals than the British? The Sun is there.

• A Canadian fencer says a loss to a rival felt like “a kick in the nuts” - which is more remarkable considering the crestfallen foiler is female.

• With the Beijing Games now gone, how will Yao Ming be able to get on with his life?

• It’s bad enough when a football coach assaults a player from an opposing team, but it’s downright disgusting when said player is only 8 years old.

• With Osi out for they year, Michael Strahan could be convinced to come back and fill the gap on the Giants’ D-line - if $8 million is enough.

Kyle Orton catches the lustful eye of Lindsay Lohan. Those Chicago QBs can’t do anything right, can they?

• Speaking of Da Bears, Peyton Manning might not face the Monsters of the Midway when the regular season starts. On the plus side, it gives him more time to shoot more commercials with Eli.

• Your next NFL retiree to strut his stuff on “Dancing With The Stars” - Warren Sapp.

Fidel Castro is quite proud of the Cuban taekwando kicker who delivered his foot into a referee’s face. In other news, Fidel Castro isn’t dead yet.