Even Economy Can’t Drain March Madness Pools

The bad economy can cause NBA teams to cut cheerleading staffs, but can it bust NCAA tourney office brackets? You must be Mad as March to think so!

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Rob Olmstead of the Suburban Chicago DAILY HERALD digs up some interesting news when it comes to brackets between co-workers. Despite financial failings & money woes, most folks just can’t pass up a chance to toss down a few bucks toward a UNC-Louisville title matchup.

One survey by careerbuilder.com discovers that 18% of the American workforce admits they’re participating in an office pool this year. This number is very similar to the 19% that said the same thing last year, before the experiences of bank bailouts & Wall Street struggles. And another survey by MSN.com concluded that either in the office or out, 45% of Americans say they’re pooling together to do a little gambling on Gonzaga making it to the Final Four.

And this is just people that admit to it - there must be thousands, nay, millions of other Americans who might have said no, only to place $5 on Pitt winning it all.

But isn’t all this Madness making a mockery of office productivity, especially in times that most companies can’t afford to lose? We’ll never know, as the firm that keeps track of such things - Challenger, Gray & Christmas - decided not to do it’s annual assessment this year.

But the firm did say that instead of bosses berating workers for their brackets, companies should embrace the office pool idea, with the proceeds going to a charity, and the winner receiving such goodies as a nice restaurant meal on the company’s dime. It’s a win-win situation!

However, if corporate suits ever get involved in such things like an office pool, you know it’s not gonna work.