Even Cheerleaders Aren’t Safe From Bad Economy

The lousy economy is still taking a bite out of professional sports. Less people are buying tickets, and teams have had to let go of some of their staff. But now we really know how serious this economic downturn is when clubs are cutting back on cheerleaders.

Denver Nuggets Dancers

Sad as it may sound, the Denver Nuggets are having to resort to such cost-saving measures. A percentage of pom-poms will no longer shake at the Pepsi Center. Less moves will be busted.

So, will Nuggets fans be denied watching such work as shown above? Well, not quite.

The IN DENVER TIMES informs us that the cheerleading team facing an uncertain future should not be confused with the Denver Nuggets Dancers, the spandex-clad ladies who hit the floor after each time out to the enjoyment of the masses. Apparently in addition to the Dancers, the Nuggets also employ 36 other women & men to “provide college-type cheers during breaks in the action.”

I figured shapely women in tight outfits would be enough to entertain the b-ball crowd, but the folks in Denver must be a more demanding lot. Anyway, the cheerleading team, which used to perform at every home game, will now only perform during weekend games. Checking the remaining regular season schedule, that means seven less games of college-type cheering for Nuggets fans.

And the expected financial savings from such a move? About $17,000 - or about 15 seconds worth of Carmelo Anthony playing time.

Bouncing Nuggets Cheerleader Bridget Makes Chris Marlowe's Pants Feel Funny

But don’t worry, fans - the cheerleading team will be back in action at every postseason home game. In the meantime, you’ll just have to make do with only the Dancers. I know it will be hard, but try to remain strong. Why not let bouncing Bridget help ease your pain.