Study: Gloating Is An Inherent Trait In All Athletes

THE VANCOUVER SUN reports that the University of British Columbia has released a study which shows that blind and sighted athletes celebrate victories and react to defeats with the same poses and facial expressions, even if the blind athletes have never seen that expression before.

Terrell Owens chugging down popcorn

The study compared the expressions of judo competitors in the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games in photos taken right after the matches ended. What was found is that the blind competitors had similar reactions as sighted athletes after winning: tilting their heads back, puffing out their chests and smiling. Losers also shared similar traits by putting their heads down and slumping.

There’s no information in the report about people who show no emotion whatsoever, regardless of if they win or lose, otherwise known as Tim Duncan Face.

But I guess we can all rest easy knowing that a generation of kids hasn’t been turn into smug, gloating jerks by watching Terrell Owens pull Sharpies out of his sock. If this report is to be believed, that kind of arrogance is something you are born with.