Even American Gladiators Need Love Sometimes

From the mightiest dictator to the meekest foot soldier, everyone needs somebody to love. Even if that person is in a job that consists of wearing lots of tight spandex and knocking other people into water with pugel sticks.

American Gladiator Venon with husband

The VENTURA COUNTY STAR has the fluffy love story of Beth Horn (better known as “Venom” from American Gladiators), her husband Bruce, and how the two cope with her larger-than-life persona.

But don’t be mistaken. Life for the couple isn’t all just kittens and lollipops. Sometimes they have to run through the Gauntlet! Of emotions!

For two full days, Beth signed autographs in her gladiatrix garb: skin-tight silver shorts and an ab-flashing, barely there top. When she first saw the outfit, she thought, “Wow, it’s very small. It’s amazing how small the package it came in is.”

Fans lined up to pay $20 for a signed glossy and posed for photos with her.

“A lot of them wanted me to flex, but I don’t do that. I don’t want to be known as a bodybuilder. It just seems so masculine, and that’s not me.” Beth says. “But there were a lot of headlocks.”

Fielding requests for headlocks just comes with the territory. “So many husbands would be jealous or not supportive, and I see it all the time,” she says. “I’m so grateful.”

See? Some husbands are jealous. Not this one in this particular story, but there is jealously somewhere in this Atlasphere we call Earth!

Actually, the couple seems pretty … perfect. Which is a shame because, as science has proven, the contentedness of a couple is inversely proportionate to the odds of a sex tape being released. Now we’ll never know what they do with those pugel sticks when the lights go out. Poor us.

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