Evander Holyfield Challenging George Foreman With New Grill

HOLYFIELD HEATS UP FOREMAN RIVALRY WITH NEW GRILL: Evander Holyfield is taking his heat with George Foreman out of the ring and into the kitchen:

Evander Holyfield George Foreman

THE WASHINGTON POST roasts up the news that Holyfield is coming out with new cookingware of his own to challenge Foreman’s stranglehold on healthy indoor grilling.

The Real Deal Grill claims to be “the Champion of the Grilling World“, with its “specially designed grease and fat drainage system (that) whisks away the fat from food.”

Evander Holyfield grill

Hmmm…just like the George Foreman Grill. The only real difference between the pugilist-pitched appliances seems to be that the Holyfield grill is bigger - thus, costlier.

Who will win the battle of the boxer-based broilers? Don’t count out the greatest of them all:

Muhammad Ali grill

Muhammad Ali.