Eva Longoria Pitching Putters For Cancer Research

• WAGGLE ROOM tees up with news that golf company Callaway and Eva Longoria will be teaming up to sell clubs & balls to help in the fight against ovarian cancer:

Eva Longoria Callaway club

• THE SPORTING ORANGE invites all you fun-lovin’ Grabowskis to grab the sunscreen and hair gel, and head out to Mike Dikta Resorts.

• AZ SPORTS HUB tosses out the Sweet Tarts, as a parade will celebrate a team that *didn’t* win the Little League World Series.

• SONS OF SAM MALONE is just punchy about the start of the football season, as they present their Top 12 College Coach Trademarks:

Woody Hayes Punch

• SHAKEDOWN SPORTS sees a snag in the Devin Hester experiment, as the Bears new receiver got injured…from blocking.

• LION IN OIL catches news of Rawlings offering a $400 baseball glove, but so far, no takers.

• CAMPUS SQUEEZE questions the throwing style of these nominees for their Top 10 Effeminate QBs in the NFL:

Rex Grossman

• SIGNAL TO NOISE pines for an easy solution to Berkeley tree huggers leafing well enough alone before Saturday’s Cal-Tennessee matchup.

• THE BLUE-GRAY SKY wonders why Charlie Weis is being such a meanie and not telling anyone the starting QB for ND.

• POP JOCKS cashes in with news that the dog-chewed Michael Vick trading cards offered on eBay finally sold for $7,400:

Dog chewing Michael Vick card

• RIGHTFIELDERS does some name-dropping as Tom Brady’s baby mamma has dropped his name from their new son altogether.

• DOBERMAN ON THE DIAMOND takes a look at the literary genius portioned out on sports site message boards.