Blog-O-Rama: Eva Longoria Quite The Huntress

• STAR PULSE shoots from the hip, as Eva Longoria Parker apparently grew up quite the little huntress:

Eva Longoria

• Not to be outdone by Brian Suksomwong, THE LOVE OF SPORTS has their own fun with their favorite baseball names.

• After another Lions lopsided loss, the DETROIT FREE PRESS hears coach Rod Marinelli blaming himself, not the team’s lack of talent.

• The ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH has the exciting news of Missouri beating North Carolina on Monday night:

Missouri North Carolina mistake

Too bad they left off the “A&T“.

• 100% INJURY RATE cranks it up with the Canucks and their cut & paste music video.

• AOL FANHOUSE watches their footing, as golfer Rory Sabbatini steps on Tiger’s tail.

• JOE SPORTS FAN finds this Michael Vick fan’s sign ruff to read:

Vick's My Dog sign

• CONSTRUDA can’t believe Wes Welker prefers living in Boston over Miami.

• THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS helps West Virginia locate a new coach.