Blogs: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Enjoy a Pleasant Meal

• CELERBITY SNAP gets its grub on, as Eva Longoria & Tony Parker sit down for a nice meal:

Eva Longoria Tony Parker restaurant

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT doesn’t want to be like Mike, as Jordan’s divorce will cost the b-ball legend $168 million.• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY has a thing for blimps, as they compare Charlie Weis with the captain of the Hindenburg.

• As long as we’re dumping on Notre Dame, 100% INJURY RATE shovels up the truth of why they dug up the Gipper:

George Gipp

• Meanwhile, BIG TEN TAILGATE finds one Irish fan trying to dance his blues away.• Unlike Joe Theismann, STICKER SHOCK MUSIC still enjoys ‘Monday Night Football‘.

• GAME ON! knows its best to hide the pain, as Derek Jeter claims he won’t miss A-Rod:

A-Rod Derek Jeter

• After beating #1 Ohio State in Columbus, Illinois fans are getting greedy, as ILLINI TALK wants a game against Florida.• AOL FANHOUSE tries to explain the source of the Celtics’ early-season success.

• OLYMPIC SPIRIT comes in crystal clear, as Maria Sharapova gets a nice runner-up bowl from the WTA Championship:

Maria Sharapova bowl

• GHOST OF WAYNE FONTES listens in to what’s on Matt Millen’s iPod.• The GLOBE AND MAIL stands fast, as unlike Michelle Wie’s managers, the golf gal’s coach remains committed.