Europeans Bolloxed By American Crowds At Ryder

If Americans know how to do anything with our frontier roots, we know how to get rowdy. Such was the case all week at the Ryder Cup as frenzied *golf* crowds rallied the American duffers to victory after a string of embarrassing defeats. American captain Paul Azinger called the supporters the “13th man”, but at least one European player thinks otherwise.

Europe’s Lee Westwood called out several abuses. Reports the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL: Westwood said there was some “shameful” fan participation, including a foul reference about his mother before he hit a tee shot, and a nuisance telephone call to his room in the wee hours before the final round.

To that we say, “Welcome to America!“. We’re the place that gave the world Happy Gilmore. Professional athletes deal with late night nuisance calls all the time, particularly in the playoffs. (Nothing to see here, move along.)

Doesn’t make it right, but it certainly isn’t unique. It will be interesting to see how European crowds respond when this battle returns to The Continent.