ESPN’s M&M: Both Plagued By Lesbian Ex-Wives?

Michael David Smith of FANHOUSE has the find of the day - the latest scene involving ESPN’s Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg on the soap opera “Guiding Light.”

The blimp and a wimp apparently are making recurring appearances on the show. And the image-conscious (really) Greenberg must be the only man in Hollywood upset that the writers settled their recent strike.In the scene set in a bar, Golic and Greenberg lament that their wives left them … for each other. And then both get into a physical altercation with an Ellen-looking lady who is a companion of the local preacher.

High comedy indeed. And no doubt the cameos are also doing well do shore up the already-strongest portion of the radio duo’s listening demo: 60+ year-old booze hounds.

In an unrelated note, we’d like to congratulate Golic for packing back on the pounds after this Nutri-System endorsement checks stopping showing up. It’s already paying dividends, with the big fella landing in the “Heavy Hundred” (#47!).